Angie Etman

Program Director
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Angie Etman is the program director for the Community Hope Center as well as a family advocate walking the path to self-sufficiency with our clients everyday. She worked closely with the executive director to found the Community Hope Center in 2012. Ms. Etman has a passion for working with families and individuals facing homelessness in our community and is committed to helping those without homes find hope. Before her adventure at the Community Hope Center began, Ms. Etman was a core volunteer at Community Presbyterian Church for the missions’ team and helped weekly at the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen. Previously Ms. Etman worked as a manager at a casino and also as a mediator for Gamblers Anonymous, and always maintained volunteer and community service involvement reaching out to those that she has a heart to help. Ms. Etman graduated from Western New England College in Springfield, Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Science in psychology.